About Nandvarik Systems and History ..

It started in 1997, when a Consultant received Software development offer from Fine Jewelry boutique and Nandvarik Systems was born. Since then, many One-to-One proposals Transformed the group into Business entity and to Software products company.

"Nandvarik Systems will Offer Softwares, Solutions and Services to Global Customers with Trust and Commitment."

A Nandvarik is Executive Officer (CEO), who has over 20 years of global Market background and is actively engaged in managing Business relationship, Company financials, Planning and Investments.
R Nandvarik is Operating Officer (COO), who has over 25 years of IT exposure and is leading Consulting, Development and Delivery divisions.

2013: Latest NZip Sales & NProfile Marketing versions released
2009: Marketing software developed
2006: Opened operations office at USA
2002: Gem Systems branded as Nandvarik Systems
2000: Retail software designed
1997: Gem Systems formed; First software developed