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Q: Are Nandvarik product purchases secured?
A: Nandvarik Systems products are sold through eCommerce partner PAYPAL which are Globally secured with VeriSign, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Norton, McAfee etc.

Q: What is the License restriction?
A: Each individual License is valid for a Single installation only. Multi User/Terminal Product requirements must contact Nandvarik Systems for Product pricing, Licensing details etc.

Q: Is there any Return policy?
A: Returns are NOT processed by Nandvarik Systems at any time for Purchased products and if Product-Key is issued. We request Users to download and evaluate trial copy before Final purchase.

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Q: What Operating Systems suits best for NZip Sales and NProfile Marketing Apps?
A: NZip and NProfile Software works Good on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 platforms

Q: What are the Installation Steps?
A: Setup steps are detailed out in Resources section.

Q: How to request Product Key?
A: Officially purchased Software will be provided with Product Key. Send the Registration field information from Admin->Licenses module to Nandvarik Systems email. Receive Product Key and update Licenses module. This entails all Product features, without any limitations.

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Q: What is NZip Sales Package?
A: NZip Sales is used to manage Inventory, Sales, Purchases and Accounting for small and medium Businesses.

Q: What are detailed NZip features?
A: NZip options include:
- Billing Entry
- Bill Print (S), Bill Print (L)
- Product Query
- Products, Coupons, Customers, Suppliers
- Billings, Make Quote, Quote Update
- Purchases, Place Order, Order Update
- Accounting
- Import, Export
- Find & Replace, Product Update
- Stock Closing, Trends
- Product Listing, Product Pricing, Product Ledger
- Reorder Listing, Stock Counting, Current Stock
- Print Coupons, Coupon Listing
- Customer List, Customer Quotes
- Supplier List, Supplier Orders
- Bill Print (S), Bill Print (L), Bill Listing
- Quote Print (R), Quote Print (L), Quote Listing
- Purchase Print, Purchase Listing
- Order Print, Order Listing
- Recon Report, Daily Sales, Monthly Sales
- Product Sales, Group Sales
- Fast-Slow Item, Rate History
- Profit Report, Tax Statement
- Account Ledger
- Group, Account
- Enterprise, User, Licenses
- Preferences, Customize
- Options
- Contents, Specifics, About

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Q: What is NProfile Marketing Robot?
A: NProfile Marketing is used to manage Contacts, News, Leads and Surveys for small and medium Organizations.

Q: What are detailed NProfile features?
A: NProfile options include:
- Customers, News, Leads, Surveys
- Send News, Market Lead, Email Survey
- Survey Updates
- Import, Export
- Find & Replace, Refresh DB
- Address List, Phone List, Email List, Print Labels
- News Print, Lead Print, Survey Print
- SendNews List, MarketLead List, EmailSurvey List
- Type Summary, Country Summary - Survey Analysis
- Customer Type, News Type
- Enterprise, User, Licenses
- Preferences, Customize
- Options
- Contents, Specifics, About

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